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The only acceptable birthday cake

Nothing says “celebrate a year of not dying” like blowing out the flame on a salamander that will die without its fire.


Day 3 only of the week I get to spend with my Princess, everyday is precious, every moment is something I will always remember, every kiss that I press upon her kiss will never be unappreciated. I fucking love this time & I have never been more happy in my life other than I am now, I have never felt more content, I love my life & I love my Abby ❤️.

g o d  o f  t h e  n e w  w o r l d


Had a fucking amazing day spent with nerfezreal, and I still have another week with him. It feels so perfect having him here with me.


I said I’ll also make a coloured Arcade Janna and here she is! Though the motion is made by Pixel-League. ^^ It is much fun making those .gifs, but I’d also enjoy it making a longer version, more like an episode of something. <3 

The splash art you can see here.


Screenshot by Gyazo


Reblogging for the 2890454th time.


Just a few snaps of nerfahri nerfezreal tellallyourpokemon ‘s minecraft world.

Im always so happy to be playing and building with them, even tho 90% of the time I have no fucking clue what im doing.


this anime is about a serial killer

Goddess Madoka